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Competence gaps among unemployed new nursing graduates entering a community-based, transition-to-practice program

By Audrey Berman, PhD, RN; Brandy Beazley, MS, RN; Judith Karshmer, PhD, RN; Susan Prion, EdD, RN, CNE; Paulina Van, PhD, RN; Jonalyn Wallace, MSN, RN and Nikki West, MPH Nurse Educator March 13, 2014

Multiple reports document competence gaps among employed new registered nurse (RN) graduates, yet there is little known and published about the competence and confidence among new RN graduates who are not yet employed.

As part of an academic/practice partnership model, four collaboratives provide transition-to-practice programs for newly graduated and licensed, but unemployed, RNs. In a recent report the authors describe the new nurses’ characteristics on program entry and discuss implications for nursing education and practice.

This article was published in Nurse Educator.


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