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Secrets from the deep

Courtesy of Glynn Gorick - an illustration of what life looks like inside a drop of ocean water
By Wendy Frew The Sydney Morning Herald November 21, 2013

Violent bursts of organic matter from dying organisms, continuous showers of “marine snow” from the upper layers of a water column, and nutrients leaking from creatures so tiny they are invisible to the naked eye: this is the mysterious, microscopic world of our oceans.

One drop of seawater contains a world teeming with a million microbes that, when viewed under powerful microscopes, looks like a veritable feeding frenzy worthy of a Mad Hatter’s tea party.

A major research project led by the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) will use novel technologies to study this secret world, transforming the way we understand oceans.  The project will have a particular emphasis on the relationships between the ocean’s microscopic plants and marine bacteria.

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