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In The News


In The News

Particle accelerators could soon fit in a shoebox

By Alfredo Carpineti IFL Science November 23, 2015
As the challenges of particle physics have become more and more complex, we've had to plan and build larger and larger machines to explore the tiny subatomic world. But now, an international group of physicists has developed a technology to miniaturize particle accelerators, which could revolutionize physics and the life ...

Lessons learned from the Moore Foundation's largest and longest grants

By Karen Poiani and Elizabeth O'Neill Stanford Social Innovation Review November 19, 2015
In this month's Stanford Social Innovation Review, Karen Poiani and co-author Elizabeth O'Neill discuss lessons learned from "mega-grants." The authors define mega-grants as "commitments of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to single organizations, often for long periods of time."


TIn particular, they discussed the benefits ...

12-year anniversary of the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative - #Moore15

November 19, 2015

As we kick off 15 years of giving, it is fitting that on this day, 12 years ago, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation officially launched the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative. The initiative was born out of the vision of Betty herself, stemming from her experience with preventable ...

The secrets in Greenland's ice sheet

By Jon Gertner New York Times Magazine November 18, 2015

In Sunday's New York Times Magazine, Jon Gertner highlights Moore Foundation grantee Eric Rignot and his work on understanding interactions between ice sheets and climate.

Rignot's research group investigates how the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland will respond to climate change in the coming century and how they will affect ...

ICU Consortium

Brigham and Women's tries microblogging for care continuity

By Neil Versel MedCity News November 17, 2015
Care team communication in acute care settings is fragmented, inefficient and difficult. Clinicians have to communicate over multiple platforms from email to text, even the old school pager. This often means tracking down key inpatient providers to gather information and put the pieces of the puzzle together to deliver the ...
Plant Science Collaboration with HHMI

A new way to make resistant plants

By Brooke Borel Popular Science November 13, 2015

Plants have to deal with a lot of threats, from insects that want to munch them to bacteria that would like to infect them. It’s tough to put up a defense to multiple attacks at once, all while maintaining the energy to grow. But researchers at Michigan State University may ...

Celebrating the groundbreaking of Betty Irene Moore Hall

By Linda Katehi UC Davis November 13, 2015

Chancellor Linda Katehi of Uc Davis comments on the recent groundbreaking for Betty Irene Moore Hall at UC Davis School of Nursing:

Over the past 18 months, we have engaged in a conversation with students, staff, faculty, and the broader campus community to develop a roadmap that will help UC ...

Improving patient care through shared, collaborative learning

November 12, 2015

Extending more than a decade of shared learning through organized collaboratives, Moore Foundation grantee, Cynosure Health, recently gathered 30 experts to discuss how to organize, run and plan for large-scale hospital collaboratives. This first national conference on health care learning collaboratives took place in Baltimore, Maryland and featured two ...

Building a microscope to search for signs of life on other worlds

Caltech November 12, 2015

Grantees at Caltech have begun testing a holographic microscope developed for observing microbes in extreme environments—possibly even on other planets. The Submersible Holographic Astrobiology Microscope with Ultraresolution, or SHAMU, will look for movement as a sign of the existence of life. Holography, as opposed to microscopy, collects the light bouncing ...

Innovations in aquaculture, consumer products and local fisheries show the future of seafood

November 12, 2015

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is proud to support the 2015 Fish 2.0 competition. The six winners--from the US, Vanuatu, Canada and Mexico--were announced at the final competition among 37 finalists on November 11th. 

The winners included: 

  • Alaska Community Seafood Hub
  • ALFA Fishing
  • Bureo
  • Kampachi Farms Mexico
  • The ...

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