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In The News


In The News

How Humans Threaten Pumas and their Habitats

February 4, 2016

If you encountered a mountain lion while hiking, would you be scared? It turns out, so are they. As human presence expands into wild environments, the animals that live there, including pumas, live in constant fear. This fear can ultimately dictate when, where, and what animals eat, what habitats they ...


Peninsula Open Space Trust aims to preserve farmland in San Mateo County

February 4, 2016

Peninsula Open Space Trust aims to preserve farmland in San Mateo County

The Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), has announced a groundbreaking new initiative that hopes to triple the amount of preserved farmland acreage and the number of preserved farms on the San Mateo Coast over the next 10 years. ...

How bacteria induce settling and transformation of marine larvae investigated

By Marcie Grabowski University of Hawaii January 28, 2016

Moore Foundation grantees at the University of Hawaii are investigating the mechanisms by which marine biofilm bacteria — bacteria that live in slime films on the surfaces of all objects submerged in the sea — induce the settling of larvae of marine invertebrate animals.

For more than a century, marine ...

Learning collaboratives improve patient care, new book available

January 28, 2016

Health care learning collaboratives hold the potential to spread and crowdsource creative solutions to problems commonly faced by hospital administrators and staff. An entire region and beyond can benefit from hearing how one nurse or a medical team created a systems-wide change to improve patient care; and they can work ...

Moore Foundation funds Berkeley Lab for next-generation accelerators

January 25, 2016

Moore Foundation grantees at Berkeley Lab are developing compact free electron lasers that will serve as powerful, affordable x-ray sources for scientific discovery. This new technology could lead to portable and high-contrast X-ray imaging to observe chemical reactions, visualize the flow of electrons, or watch biological processes unfold.

Currently, x-ray ...

Conservation finance from niche to mainstream: the building of an institutional asset class

January 20, 2016

Credit Suisse and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment have just published a new report that offers a "toolkit" to help increase institutional investments in the conservation sector:

 "Sustainable farmland, healthy forests, clean water, and abundant habitat stand to become more valuable as the global population climbs to nine billion ...

New video shows why maintaining the Amazon is so important

January 19, 2016

With support from the Moore Foundation’s Andes Amazon Initiative, the Gaia Amazonas Foundation has been working to integrate indigenous knowledge into land-use planning in the Amazon. Now, they have created a video short that helps explain why that approach matters—not just for the Amazon, but for the environmental stability ...

Supernova in distant galaxy may be the brightest and most powerful ever seen

By Loren Grush The Verge January 14, 2016

Researchers have discovered the most luminous supernova seen to date. Supernovae are stars that collapse on themselves and blow up like a big star bomb, generating massive amounts of energy before they die.

This record-breaking supernova, called ASASSN-15h, was 20 times more powerful than all 100 billion stars in the ...

Expert trainings, free resources on care transitions

January 11, 2016

Long-time Moore Foundation grantee, Eric A. Coleman, MD, PhD, recently enhanced his Care Transitions Program website, highlighting the new Advanced Care Transitions Intervention® training.

Professor of Medicine and Head of the Division of Health Care Policy and Research at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Eric is ...

Purchase complete for environmentally significant Estero Ranch property

By Mary Callahan Press Democrat January 7, 2016

With partial support from the Moore Foundation, Sonoma Land Trust and a host of local partner agencies have finalized the purchase of the spectacular and ecologically significant seaside Estero Ranch property. 

"Land conservation partners have finalized the purchase of a scenic coastal ranch that one day will reward visitors ...

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