Investing in Technologies and Resources

To advance discovery, we will support development of new tools, technologies and resources for the research community. An important component of this approach will be developing model systems that advance mechanistic understanding of symbiotic interactions. We will also aim to support development of visualization technologies for imaging symbiotic partnerships.

Supporting Investigators

Providing researchers with the resources and flexibility to pursue innovative, risky research often leads to high-impact science. Through this approach, we will support individuals from a range of career stages who are leaders in complementary fields. Their collective efforts will generate new technologies, resources, theory, hypotheses and collaborations.

Stimulating Multidisciplinary Collaborations

To address questions from multiple scientific perspectives, we will support collaborative projects that embrace the challenge of bringing disciplines together in new ways and of importing technology from other areas of science into aquatic symbiosis.

Building Community

Producing knowledge will require bringing researchers together where they can discuss cross-cutting topics in aquatic symbiosis and share methods and resources. We envision leading technologists and engineers exchanging ideas with symbiosis experts – from dream technology projects to creative ways of overcoming research bottlenecks. By devoting energy toward creating new connections, the research community can overcome silos and develop relationships that build a broader, more integrated field.


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