Conserving biodiversity, habitat and coastal treasures

Working with nonprofits, agencies and other funders, we have been fortunate to play a part in more than 80 acquisitions, easements and other conservation-related projects across the 10-county Bay Area. An interactive map allows you to explore the details of each of these projects.

As you click through the map, you see three colors:

  • Bright teal represents acquisition and conservation easement projects in which the foundation participated.
  • Orange represents other place-based efforts the foundation has helped support, such as fisheries management plans and re-use scenarios.
  • Blue-gray represents additional protected lands across the Bay Area that contribute to the rich biodiversity across the region.

When you click the bright teal and orange areas on the map, the column on the left will serve up details on the project, including a short description, acres acquired and key partners involved.

We aim to conserve rare coastal landscapes and the essential lands required to sustain the biodiversity of the region. Our funding decisions are informed by the scientific research behind the Conservation Lands Network.

Click the map to explore conservation areas across the Bay Area. 

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