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Grants List


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Supporting Ecosystem Based Management in Ocean Planning (3765.01)

Natural Resources Defense Council

To support ecosystem based management in ocean planning.

Enhancing Conservation Effectiveness in Federal Fisheries Management (4893)

The Ocean Foundation

To enhance conservation community effectiveness in fisheries management.

Ocean Planning Films (2887.03)

Green Fire Productions

In support of ocean planning film screenings in the United States and Canada.

Supporting Stakeholder Engagement in U.S. Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (2520.01)

Udall Foundation, U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

In support of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution in the design and potential pilot implementation …

Development of Ocean Planning in the U.S. Pacific Islands (4792)

Coastal States Stewardship Foundation

In support of ocean planning for the Pacific Islands region, including process design, stakeholder engagement, mapping t…

Ocean Planning in Nunavut (4836)

World Wildlife Fund Canada

To enable Nunavut communities and institutions to effectively advance ocean planning and decision-making processes.

Ocean Planning in the Eastern Canadian Arctic (4834)

Tides Canada Foundation

In support of strengthening the conditions necessary to protect and sustainably manage the marine environment around Baf…

Marine Resource Education Program for Fishermen in the U.S. West Coast Region (4159)

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

To build industry capacity and leadership, increase participation in key management processes, and to enable ecosystem-b…

Sustaining and Expanding a Network of Ocean Planning Professionals (2864.02)

Marine Affairs Research and Education

To sustain and expand a community of practice for ocean planning professionals.