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Grants List


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Advancing Ocean Planning in the Busy Waters of the Mid-Atlantic (4709)

Wildlife Conservation Society

To support regional ocean planning and science education in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Implementing a National Fisheries Financing Fund (4765)

Coastal Enterprises Inc.

To develop a national fisheries financing fund that is market-ready for investors and contributors.

Strengthening the Marine Spatial Data Foundation for Ocean Planning in the U.S. and Canadian Arctic (4444)

Audubon Alaska

In support of updating the 2010 Arctic Marine Atlas and its expansion to cover the entire Beaufort Sea and to create a n…

Advancing Ocean Planning in the U.S. and International Arctic (4443)

Ocean Conservancy

To support ocean planning at the Arctic Council during the term of the U.S. Chairmanship and single sector planning proc…

Implementing Electronic Monitoring in the West Coast Groundfish Fishery (4652)

The Nature Conservancy

To help advance 2015-2016 on-the-water piloting of electronic monitoring for West Coast groundfish, in partnership with …

Howe Sound Ocean Planning (4780)

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center

In support of ocean planning in Howe Sound.

West Coast Vancouver Island Ocean Plan Implementation (1526.02)

Westcoast Aquatic Management Association

To support progress towards implementation of an ocean plan for the West Coast Vancouver Island.

Convening on the Case for Improved Transparency in the New England Groundfish Fishery (4485)


To promote transparency in the quota lease market through a Future of Fish meeting in New England.

Lessons Learned from Upwell (4707)

New Venture Fund

To capture and disseminate lessons learned from Upwell, a social media agency for the oceans.