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Grants List


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Socioenvironmental Monitoring of the Amazon Basin and Xingu (3859.01)

Instituto Socioambiental

In support of the preparation, distribution, and publishing of interdisciplinary georeferenced analysis to inform the de…

Brazilian Protected Area Biodiversity Monitoring Program - Phase II (3276.01)

Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas

In support of the consolidation and scaling-up of the Brazilian National Program for Biodiversity Monitoring in Protecte…

Ensuring the Dissemination of CLASlite for Forest Conservation and Monitoring (3566.01)

Carnegie Institution of Washington

To ensure the durability of CLASlite training and its dissemination as a tool for conservation planning in the Andes-Ama…

Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Land Use Planning in the Colombian Amazon (2048.02)

Gaia Amazonas Foundation

To apply indigenous land management knowledge in completing the governance structure and management plan for the Yaigoje…

Diversifying Sustainable Finance Sources for Brazilian Amazonian Protected Areas (3322.02)

Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade

To further support the development and consolidation of Environmental Compensation Funds in Brazil at state and federal …

Land Management for Conservation and Livelihood of Indigenous People in Brazil’s Calha Norte Mosaic (3275.01)

Iepé - Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Indigena

To complete territorial and environmental management plans, and begin their implementation for the Parque de Tumucumaque…

Integrated Conservation Action Plan for the Management of the Madeira (BR-319) Mosaic, Brazil (2078.02)

Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil

To consolidate the conservation of the Madeira Mosaic (about 7 million hectares) by developing a participatory and integ…

Consolidating the Calha Norte Mosaic, Brazil (464.04)

Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazonia

To conserve 14.1 million hectares of the Calha Norte Mosaic by supporting the development of sustainable finance and gov…

Consolidation of the Ampiyacu Mosaic in Loreto, Peru (3507.01)

Instituto del Bien Comun

To strengthen the organizational status of the protected areas and indigenous lands in the Ampiyacu Mosaic in Peru, and …