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Grants List


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Coyote Highlands (5069)

Open Space Authority

To support the permanent protection of the 2,748-acre Coyote Highlands property in Santa Clara County.

Pacific Herring in San Francisco Bay (5021)

Audubon California

To support improved conditions for Pacific Herring in San Francisco Bay through fishery management and resolution of key…

Lake Berryessa Ranches (5067)

Land Trust of Napa County

To support permanent protection of 1,558 acres on the east side of Lake Berryessa in Napa County through acquisition of …

Kashia Coastal Reserve (4862)

The Trust for Public Land

To support the permanent protection and stewardship of the 688-acre Richardson Ranch property on the Sonoma County Coast…

Vibrant Forests Plan (4811)

Save-the-Redwoods League

To create a robust data- and science-based conservation planning tool that facilitates real-time analysis of redwood for…

Davenport Cement Plant Re-Use Plan (4816)

Sempervirens Fund

To conduct a planning process to identify and prepare a State Coastal Conservancy Coastal Restoration Plan detailing an …

Solari Property (4810)

Land Trust of Napa County

To support the acquisition of partial interest in the Solari Property in Napa County, which will allow the land trust to…

Russian River Pilot: New Technological Tools and Innovative Economic Systems to Target Conservation Investment (4769)

The Freshwater Trust

In support of partnering The Freshwater Trust's GIS-driven Basin Scout methodologies with Google to assess and prioritiz…

Estero Ranch (4622)

Sonoma Land Trust

To support the acquisition of Estero Ranch, which will permanently protect 547 acres of biologically diverse coastal pra…