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Grants List


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Supporting the PNA Fishery to Maintain its MSC Certification (4148.01)

Pew Charitable Trusts

To support work with the Parties to the Nauru Agreement Fishery to maintain its Marine Stewardship Council certification…

Tuna Fisheries (4061.01)

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

To support efforts to further engage longline fisheries both from the fishery level, as well as via their retail partner…

Support for Science Philanthropy Alliance Year 2 Activities (4142.01)

New Venture Fund

In support of the Science Philanthropy Alliance’s 2015 activities to strengthen philanthropic support for basic research…

A Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for Creating an Operational Global Health Risk Management Framework for the 21st Century (4829)

National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine

In support of four workshops and the convening of an expert, international Commission process to create an improved oper…

Vertical-Axis Wind Technology in Rural Alaska (3935.01)

Stanford University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

In support of the development of a potential breakthrough solution to the issue of high energy costs as both a barrier t…

Consolidation of the Ampiyacu Mosaic in Loreto, Peru (3507.01)

Instituto del Bien Comun

To strengthen the organizational status of the protected areas and indigenous lands in the Ampiyacu Mosaic in Peru, and …

Implementing Electronic Monitoring in the West Coast Groundfish Fishery (4652)

The Nature Conservancy

To help advance 2015-2016 on-the-water piloting of electronic monitoring for West Coast groundfish, in partnership with …

ENGO/Energy Producers Dialogue (3331.01)

Simon Fraser University

To support collaborative dialogue around sustainable energy production in British Columbia.

Libretto Consortium Grant: Johns Hopkins Medicine (4608)

Johns Hopkins University, Armstrong Institute

In support of participation in the activities of the Libretto Consortium.