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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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Probing quantum effects of gravity in a table-top experiment (3503)

University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Physics

In support of laboratory experiments aimed to detect quantum-mechanical effects of gravity through precise quantum contr…

Molecular mechanism of bacteria-sponge symbiosis: Have bacteria acquired eukaryotic-like proteins to control their interactions with a host? (3601)

University of New South Wales, Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation

In support of research to determine if microbial symbionts that live in close association with their hosts have acquired…

Matching Grant for CU Teach: Sustaining a Pathway for Science and Engineering Majors to Pursue Science and Math Teaching (3510)

University of Colorado Foundation

In support of a sustainable model of a national exemplar program for discipline-based teacher education.

Development of new technology to study zooplankton (3576)

University of California, San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography

In support of designing and building a new autonomous underwater vehicle with new capabilities for identifying and quant…

Energy and sustainability science laboratory renovations (3362)

California Institute of Technology

To provide support towards state-of-the-art renovation of laboratory facilities which will house researchers participati…

Novel instrumentation to measure dark energy (3581)

University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Lab

To support the acquisition of first-of-a-kind optical instruments (wide field optics and massively parallel spectrograph…

Exotic Emergent Particles in Nanostructures (3429)

Stanford University, Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials

In support of investigations of engineered nano-structures, "designer quantum materials," in which electron-electron int…

Support of Gordon Research Conferences 2013-2016 (3469)

Gordon Research Conferences

To support Gordon Research Conferences on topics related to areas of interest to the Science Program.

Super-resolution correlative X-Ray tomography (3497)

University of California, San Francisco Office of Sponsored Research

In support of the University of California, San Francisco to develop the first-of-its-kind super-resolution cryo-microsc…