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Grants List


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Supporting the Tropical Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network (3468)

Conservation International

In support of the Tropical Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring Network (TEAM)’s core and partner institutions to collect …

Environmental Grantmakers Association (960.07)

Environmental Grantmakers Association

To promote effective environmental philanthropy by sharing knowledge, fostering debate, cultivating leadership, facilita…

Strengthening the Social and Environmental Safeguard policies of the World Bank (634.02)

Bank Information Center

In support of strengthening the World Bank’s key environmental safeguard policy.

Climate and Land Use Alliance: Monitoring and Evaluation (3350)


To increase the effectiveness of the Climate and Land Use Alliance, a multi-funder collaborative, through a robust monit…

Enhancing Durability of Conservation Easements (3019)


To create a new, nonprofit insurance service that will fund legal costs of defending conservation easements when violate…

Simple Effective Resource for Valuing Ecosystem Services (SERVES) Development and Implementation (3120)

Earth Economics

To improve ecosystem service valuation in order to inform decisionmaking, correct economic incentives and improve public…

Solidifying the Knowledge Foundations for Scaling Up Ecoagriculture (3124)

Ecoagriculture Partners

To support the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative to address key challenges including food and nutrition,…

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for Business: Enhancing the visibility of nature's benefits (3119)

World Wildlife Fund

In support the launch of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for Business effort to create a common plat…

SMART: A tool to improve the effectiveness of implementation and monitoring of global conservation investments (3122)

Wildlife Conservation Society

To support planning, monitoring, and adaptive management of site-based conservation efforts using an accessible and user…