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Grants List


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Protecting Ecological Flows in BC (3291)

Tides Canada Initiatives

To support Tides Canada Initiative’s Canadian Freshwater Alliance Project in increasing community understanding of stand…

Mat-Su ecosystem valuation and statewide scoping (3356)

Earth Economics

In support of an economic analysis of green infrastructure and ecosystem services provided within the Matanuska-Susitna …

Salmon Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Optimization (2104.01)

Conservation Fund

In support of research to identify the conditions for optimal salmon production in environmentally secure recirculating …

Upper Skeena Land Use Vision (1461.01)

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

To increase the effectiveness of Skeena First Nations and other communities in promoting a precautionary and planned app…

Kamchatka – Local Salmon Conservation Efforts (568.02)

World Wildlife Fund

In support of conservation of wild salmon and wild salmon habitat in Kamchatka, Russia.

Wild Salmon Ecosystem Small Grants Fund (313.05)

Tides Canada Foundation

To support an agile mechanism for timely small-scale investments in local, community-driven activities aimed at protecti…

Skeena First Nations Governance and Cumulative Impacts (1460.02)

Tides Canada Foundation

In support of the Headwaters Initiative Project to coordinate a unified articulation of First Nations expectations for t…

SweetSpring Salmon Coho Salmon RAS Project - 2 (1922.01)

Sweetspring Salmon

To demonstrate technical and financial feasibility of on-land closed containment aquaculture technology.

Skeena Headwaters Strategic Negotiations Capacity 2 (1462.01)

Forest Ethics

To support Skeena communities in promoting a precautionary approach to coal bed methane development, including the estab…