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Grants List


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BC Run-of-River Hydro Project Audit (3370)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

To support an independent audit of run-of-river hydro projects and their impacts on salmonid species in British Columbia…

The Salmon Project (3334)

Alaska Salmon Initiative

To test the feasibility of a nonpartisan effort to convene Alaskans to sustain wild salmon.

Shared Decision-Making Governance Learning Project (3312)

Simon Fraser University

To support and inform the development and effective implementation of First Nations Shared Decision-Making governance ar…

Salmon Decision Support Tool (3336)

The Nature Conservancy - Alaska

In support of the development of decision support tools that assist Alaskans in the responsible development of natural r…

First Nations Engagement in Freshwater Stewardship (3447)

British Columbia First Nations Fisheries Council

To increase knowledge of freshwater management issues and develop a common strategy to address them.

Water Quality Optimization for Closed Containment Aquaculture (3353)

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Science

To support research aimed at identifying optimal water quality conditions for growing salmon in recirculating aquacultur…

Rebuilding Traditional BC Conservation Alliances (3293)

BC Spaces for Nature Society

To rebuild recreational, cultural and economic sector alliances for conservation in British Columbia.

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay (3333)

Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association

To increase local and national support for conservation of Bristol Bay salmon habitat.

North Pacific Wild Salmon Organizational Resilience Project (3314)

New Venture Fund

To support a fund aimed at enhancing the impact and financial resilience of North Pacific wild salmon conservation organ…