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First Nations collection of ancestral laws to support ocean plan implementation (3225)

Coastal First Nations - Great Bear Initiative

In support of First Nations collection of ancestral laws to support ocean plan implementation.

Public engagement in ocean planning (3539.01)

Surfrider Foundation

To support Surfrider's efforts to educate and engage coastal residents in ocean planning.

Financing for New England Groundfish through Fisheries Innovation Fund Grants (2873.01)

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

To address financing needs within the groundfish fishery, related to the adjustment to sector management, in order to im…

Assessing Ocean Health in Marine Conservation Initiative Pilot Regions with the Ocean Health Index (3538.01)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

To apply the Ocean Health Index in ocean planning pilot regions to assess and monitor recent and current health of the o…

Community organizing for the oceans (2247)

New Venture Fund

To support ocean plan implementation by building coastal community constituencies.

West Coast Groundfish Data Management System (2867)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

In support of improving the efficiency of the current data system for Pacific groundfish, which underpins the efficient …

Applying data-limited stock status models and developing management guidance for unassessed fish stocks (3259.01)

Conservation International

To develop a technically sound, broadly acceptable approach to estimating exploitation rates for fisheries around the wo…

British Columbia Marine Conservation - Small Grants Fund (1264.03)

Tides Canada Foundation

To support the British Columbia Marine Planning Fund and the British Columbia Community-Based Marine Conservation Fund (…

Sustainable Fisheries in New England through Community-Based Ecosystem Management (1491.03)

Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance

To support effective implementation and durability of sectors for groundfish; sustainable fishing communities; and indus…