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Grants List


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Sustainable Southeast Alaska Communities (4773)

Alaska Conservation Foundation

To support the Sustainable Southeast Partnership.

Lessons in Leadership Grant Program (4798.12)

University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing

To support the development of discussion guides for the Lessons in Leadership video series, which will be disseminated o…

Lessons in Leadership Grant Program (4798.04)

Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders

To support nurse leaders through integrating the Lessons in Leadership series into the Aspiring Nurse Leaders Workshops …

Federal Fisheries Communication Project (4664)

Marine Fish Conservation Network

To advance conservation and science-based federal fisheries management through a strategic communications campaign.

Keeping Water on the Agenda in British Columbia (3291.01)

Tides Canada Initiatives

To empower the constituency for protection of ecological flows and groundwater in British Columbia.

Breaking Down Barriers at the Physics/Biology Interface (2919.01)

University of California, Santa Barbara Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

To build an interdisciplinary community of researchers and students at the interface of physics and biology, which break…

Novel Methods to Explore Variability of Gene Expression in Individual Plant Cells (4823)

National Center for Genome Resources

In support of developing new approaches to investigate single plant cells to enable scientists to more deeply understand…

Assessment Modules that Capture Children's Scientific Reasoning and Understanding (3864)

Northwestern University, School of Education and Social Policy

In support of the development of activities that provide exemplars for assessing scientific reasoning in science-rich co…

Pioneering Next-Generation Assessments of Science Learning II (3799.01)

University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Physics

In support of the development of technology-enabled assessment prototypes that have the potential to change how children…