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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

Grants List


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Temporary Relocation Costs for CuriOdyssey Renovation (4996)


In support of temporary warehouse and exhibit development space during the renovation of the main museum building.

Julia Language for Data-Driven Discovery (4856)

Julia Computing

To support a new high-performance, dynamic programming language for scientific computing – named Julia – that is optimiz…

Matthew Sullivan Investigator Award (3790.01)

Ohio State University, Office of Sponsored Programs

In support of developing novel ways of ‘seeing’ and understanding viruses in the laboratory and nature.

Design and Construction of Synthetic Electron Transfer Peptides (4742)

Rutgers University Foundation

To support an effort to design and construct novel peptides that are capable of transferring electrons in artificial sys…

Kashia Coastal Reserve (4862)

The Trust for Public Land

To support the permanent protection and stewardship of the 688-acre Richardson Ranch property on the Sonoma County Coast…

Diversifying Sustainable Finance Sources for Brazilian Amazonian Protected Areas (3322.02)

Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade

To further support the development and consolidation of Environmental Compensation Funds in Brazil at state and federal …

A Nano-Submarine for Exploration Inside Living Cells (4741)

Princeton University, Department of Chemistry

To support the development of a novel intracellular vehicle that can navigate within living cells and carry a sensor pay…

Development of Ocean Planning in the U.S. Pacific Islands (4792)

Coastal States Stewardship Foundation

In support of ocean planning for the Pacific Islands region, including process design, stakeholder engagement, mapping t…

Ocean Planning in Nunavut (4836)

World Wildlife Fund Canada

To enable Nunavut communities and institutions to effectively advance ocean planning and decision-making processes.