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Agriculture by Design (4337)

Conservation International

In support of cross-disciplinary discussion and the development of an action plan for agriculture and conservation.

Micronesia Challenge (4407)

Conservation International

In support of the Micronesia Challenge, a shared commitment to conserve at least 13,159 km2 (30 percent) of near-shore m…

Strengthening the Environmental Safeguard policies of the World Bank (634.03)

Bank Information Center

In support of strengthening the World Bank’s key environmental safeguard policy.

The Governors' Climate and Forest Task Force - Supporting sub-national climate and forest initiatives (2156.05)

University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Law

In support of the Governors’ Climate & Forest Task Force in the continued effort to implement robust jurisdictional …

China Sustainable Growth Fund Secretariat (3071.02)

World Wildlife Fund

In support of the secretariat of the China Sustainable Growth Fund, establishing effective operations for protecting wor…

Advancing Deforestation Free Supply Chain Commitments (3063.01)

World Wildlife Fund

In support of a transition to deforestation-free supply chains for key commodities through the implementation of the Con…

Social Science Dimensions of Conservation and Human Well-Being (3520)

Conservation International

In support of strengthening social science practice in conservation.

International Collaboration for Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Project (3933)

Tides Canada Initiatives

In support of project coordination for the emergence and development of an effective international collaborative network…

Ecosystem Services Frameworks & Improved Decision-Making in US Federal Agencies (4009)

Tides Center, Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea

To support Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea (COMPASS) and help ensure that rapidly evolving policy dial…