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Aligning Incentives Conference (3862)

Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

To develop a framework and action plan to raise awareness of shared decision making (SDM) incentive issues among key dec…

White Paper on the Current and Future Role of Patient and Family Engagement within Accountable Care Organizations (3670)

University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health

In support of a white paper on assessing the business case for Accountable Care Organization involvement in patient acti…

A Study of Changes in Patient Activation Over Time (3311)

University of Oregon, Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management

To support a study of how patient activation changes over time, the relationship between changes in patient activation a…

Expert Workshop on Patient Demand for Informed Decisions, Better Value, and an Improving System (3463)

National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine

To fund an Institute of Medicine expert workshop and summary with the goal of identifying opportunities for building pat…

Patient Engagement and Activation Thematic Issue (3317)

Health Affairs

To support Health Affairs in the publication of a thematic issue featuring peer-reviewed papers on the topic of patient …

Needs Assessment for Engaging Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions through eHealth (3432)

Stanford University, School of Medicine

In support of a study of how eHealth technology could be used to engage and meet the needs of patients and caregivers wh…