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Optimizing land use for conservation and human well-being (4641)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

In support of the development of models, research, and implementation of Land-use change and conservation policy in Braz…

The Governors' Climate and Forest Task Force - Supporting sub-national climate and forest initiatives (2156.06)

University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Law

In support of the Governors’ Climate & Forest Task Force to continue implementing robust jurisdictional programs for…

Cerrado Biome Agribusiness and Conservation Trends Assessment (4270)

California Environmental Associates

In support of a comprehensive conservation assessment of the Cerrado Biome in Brazil.

Wild Salmon Center (3688)

Wild Salmon Center

To support wild salmon conservation efforts across the north Pacific Rim.

Search for Signatures of Inflation in the Cosmic Microwave Background (4633)

University of California, Berkeley Department of Physics

In support of astronomical observations that test theories describing the rapid expansion (Inflation) of the early unive…

Developing Structures for BaySci Sustainability (3346.01)

University of California, Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science

In support of staff development for Bay Area Science and Technology Museum educators that improves effectiveness in prov…

Building Assessment and Evaluation Capacity in Informal Science Learning (4524)

SK Partners

In support of research and development on effective approaches to improving evaluation capacity within organizations tha…

Long-Term Vision and Roadmap for Mainstreaming Verified Deforestation-Free Beef Production in Brazil (4272)


In support of establishing a long-term vision and implementation roadmap for mainstreaming verified deforestation-free b…

Patient and Family Engagement Early-Career Investigator Awards: Lisa DeCamp (4617)

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

To support the work of Patient and Family Engagement Early-Career Investigator, Lisa DeCamp, in her project to create no…