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Grants List


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Developing the business case for shrimp farms to adopt sustainable intensification practices and reduce environmental impacts (4455)

World Wildlife Fund

To evaluate and develop the business case for shrimp farms to adopt sustainable intensification practices and improve en…

In Silico Simulation of Matter Driven Far from Equilibrium (4343)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Office of Sponsored Programs

In support of research that uses in silico simulation to advance a new theoretical view of the origins of life and evolu…

SHSSR Glycemic Control and ICU-acquired Delirium and Weakness Published Articles (4361)

Sutter Health Systems

To support the writing and publication, in peer-reviewed journals, of three articles featuring patient safety initiative…

Supporting idea exchange and knowledge networks through an interactive online platform (4602)

The Conversation US Inc.

To support an independent and non-partisan, non-profit media organization, in launching a U.S.-version of their online p…

National Spread of ICU Liberation Campaign (4321)

Society of Critical Care Medicine

To increase awareness and uptake of the ICU Pain, Agitation, and Delirium Guidelines and associated implementation bundl…

CCPS Customer Retention and Acquisition (3819.01)

Foundation for California Community Colleges

To support the Foundation for California Community Colleges to increase usage of the Centralized Clinical Placement Syst…

Spatial metrics and baselines of degradation patterns and provision of ecosystem services by pastures in Brazil (4471)

Universidade Federal de Goiás

In support of the measurement, validation and accurate mapping of pasture degradation, productivity, and provision of re…

UTC Coyote Ridge (4628)

Open Space Authority

To permanently protect the 1,831-acre United Technologies Corporation Coyote Ridge property through purchase of fee titl…

Consolidating and disseminating socioeconomic benefits of protected areas (3857)

Instituto de Manejo e Certificacao Florestal e Agricola

To pilot a seal of origin that adds value to protected area extractive products and improves local income in the Xingu m…