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Grants List


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Convening on the Case for Improved Transparency in the New England Groundfish Fishery (4485)


To promote transparency in the quota lease market through a Future of Fish meeting in New England.

Consolidating High Biodiversity Mosaics in the Andean Amazon (331.06)

Wildlife Conservation Society

To conserve 18.6 million hectares of outstanding biodiversity mosaics in Madidi-Tambopata (Bolivia), Yasuni-Pastaza (Ecu…

Unwinding the Circadian Clock in a Sea Anemone (4598)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

In support of research to elucidate how the biological clock is regulated in a sea anemone, which will provide insights …

International Ocean Planning Synthesis (2986.01)

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

To synthesize lessons learned from global ocean planning.

Evaluating the ProActive Vessel Register (4063)

International Pole & Line Foundation

To support efforts to determine the potential of the ProActive Vessel Register (PVR) to evaluate and support environment…

Lessons Learned from Upwell (4707)

New Venture Fund

To capture and disseminate lessons learned from Upwell, a social media agency for the oceans.

Development of a Novel Spectrometer for Studying Materials Using X-ray Scattering (4630)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

In support of research targeting the development of novel x-ray scattering instrumentation for probing quantum materials…

Ocean Planning Films (2887.02)

Green Fire Productions

In support of ocean planning film screenings on the US Mid-Atlantic and British Columbia coast.

Creating Durability by Connecting Natural Resource Dependent Communities to Regional Ocean Planning (2253.02)

Island Institute

To advance New England regional ocean planning by supporting engagement between fishermen, natural resource dependent co…