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Atlantis ecosystem integrated models (1255)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

This grant supports the Northwest Fisheries Science Center to develop Atlantis ecosystem integrated models that allow po…

Increasing stakeholder participation in Area-Based Management (1284)

Living Oceans Society

Through this grant, Living Oceans Society is addressing the need for a formal, effective mechanism for stakeholder aware…

Mapping human impacts within the California Current (1314)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Under this grant, NCEAS will produce a high resolution, interactive map of human impacts on marine ecosystems in the Cal…

Incorporating science into British Columbia’s resource management decisions (1185)

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Raincoast Conservation Foundation and partners are using this grant to conduct baseline research on marine species that …

Building collaboration in New England’s fishing community (1226)

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Through this grant, Gulf of Marine Research Institute will build communication within the New England commercial fishing…

Destructive Fishing Gear Analysis (1103)

Marine Conservation Biology Institute

The Marine Conservation Biology Institute (MCBI) is using this grant to integrate data on bycatch and habitat damage for…

A conference to advance the science to support ecosystem-based management within the California Current (1283)

University of California, Santa Cruz Department of Ocean Sciences, Institute of Marine Science

This grant supports a conference to synthesize existing interdisciplinary scientific knowledge and catalyze the developm…

Communicating Dedicated Access Privilege (DAP) analysis results (1227)

Environmental Defense Fund

To disseminate the results of an analysis that examined successes and shortcomings of Dedicated Access Privilege (DAP) p…

Area-Based Management legal gap analysis (1188)

Resources Legacy Fund

This grant supports a small working group of lawyers to perform a legal, regulatory, and institutional gap analysis to u…