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Grants List


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Thirty Meter Telescope Construction Phase (5061)

California Institute of Technology

To provide support for the Thirty Meter Telescope in the first full year of the TMT International Observatory.

Supporting Ecosystem Based Management in Ocean Planning (3765.01)

Natural Resources Defense Council

To support ecosystem based management in ocean planning.

Enhancing Conservation Effectiveness in Federal Fisheries Management (4893)

The Ocean Foundation

To enhance conservation community effectiveness in fisheries management.

Certification and Ratings (5000)

New Venture Fund

To support a collaboration of certification and ratings programs essential to the sustainable seafood community to work …

Renewal: Yale e360 (3467.01)

Yale University, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

In support of the Yale e360 online magazine's targeted communications about critical environmental conservation topics.

Coyote Highlands (5069)

Open Space Authority

To support the permanent protection of the 2,748-acre Coyote Highlands property in Santa Clara County.

Ocean Planning Films (2887.03)

Green Fire Productions

In support of ocean planning film screenings in the United States and Canada.

Supporting Stakeholder Engagement in U.S. Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (2520.01)

Udall Foundation, U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

In support of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution in the design and potential pilot implementation …

Ensuring the Dissemination of CLASlite for Forest Conservation and Monitoring (3566.01)

Carnegie Institution of Washington

To ensure the durability of CLASlite training and its dissemination as a tool for conservation planning in the Andes-Ama…