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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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Biological sciences post-doctoral fellowships (2550)

Life Sciences Research Foundation

In support of a prestigious post-doctoral fellowship opportunity for four top researchers in biological science discipli…

Measuring the Level of Science Activation of Young Learners (2589)

University of Pittsburgh, Learning Research and Development Center

For the development of a valid, reliable and scalable assessment system to measure efficiently how well children in grad…

Expanding the Toolkit for Barcoding Land Plants (2535)

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

To develop new protocols to extend molecular genotyping of land plant species and to determine their evolutionary relati…

"What's at Stake" program of the Newshour (2486)

Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association

For the creation of a new PBS science-based program entitled "What's at Stake?" Through the development of both traditi…

Interoperable network of digital repositories for a Global Biodiversity Heritage Library (1617.01)

Missouri Botanical Garden

In support of the Biodiversity Heritage Library's effort to develop a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure for t…

Additional Telescope Time for the Nearby Supernova Catalog (556.03)

University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory

This grant to UC Berkeley’s Space Science Laboratory provides funds for nine additional months on the University of Hawa…

Remotely operated instrumentation system for subglacial environments (2339)

Northern Illinois University, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

In support of constructing, equipping, and testing a Sub-Ice Remotely Operated Vehicle and a Geochemical Instrumentation…

eScience and Data Intensive Scalable Computing (2160)

Carnegie Mellon University, Office of the Vice President for Research

To improve collaborations between domain and computer scientists with the development of new abstractions and methodolog…

eScience and Data Intensive Scalable Computing (2052)

University of Washington, Office of the Provost

To increase awareness, knowledge, and practical usage of modern data intensive scalable computing and large scale data m…