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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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Additional Telescope Time for Supernova Catalog (556.02)

University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory

This grant to the University of California’s Berkeley Space Science Laboratory provides funds for 12 additional months o…

Planning Cambridge-UC San Diego Research Collaboration (2025)

University of California, San Diego Environment and Sustainability Initiative

To support planning for a formal collaboration between UCSD and Cambridge University on scientific research areas relate…

Zero Noise Detector for the Thirty Meter Telescope (1829)

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester Imaging Detector Laboratory

In support of the design and building of the next generation imaging detectors for near- and mid-IR wavelength telescope…

DNA Barcoding of Endemic Hawaiian Species (1972)

University of Hawaii Foundation

This grant to the University of Hawaii Foundation supports scientists at the University of Hawaii, Hilo to examine DNA s…

Mid-Infrared Interferometry of Stellar Objects (454.02)

University of California, Berkeley Department of Physics

The purpose of this grant to the University of California, Berkeley Department of Physics is to undertake further detail…

Sequencing the Tasmanian Devil (1973)

Pennsylvania State University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

This grant will be used by Pennsylvania State University (Penn State University) to support the "Save the Devil" breedin…

CCST Science and Technology Fellows Program for the California Legislature. (1787)

California Council on Science and Technology

To improve the science and technology policy-related components of legislation through the establishment of an effective…

Studying the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem with a Robotic Cluster (1859)

Rutgers University Foundation

The purpose of this grant to Rutgers University is to support the acquisition and deployment of newly outfitted Webb Slo…

Computing Infrastructure for Pixel Array Detector at Molecular Observatory (1754.01)

Stanford University, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

The purpose of this grant to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is the addition of compute and storage infrastructur…