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Ecosystem-level Response to Large Scale Natural Disturbance in Southern Yucatán: Evaluating Forest Resilience in Protected Areas (1697)

Rutgers University, Department of Geography

To study the effect of weather extremes in seasonally dry sub-tropical forests of the southern Yucatán Peninsula, and co…

Climate Change Early Warning Systems - Phase 1 (1683)

Clark University, Clark Labs

This grant to Clark University, jointly funded with, will provide the basis for the development of Early Warn…

Open Source Modeling Software (1666)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

The purpose of this grant to the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the University of California, …

Conserving Wildlife Migration by Creation and Consolidation of Southern Sudan's Protected Area System (1696)

Wildlife Conservation Society

This grant supports Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), working with the Government of Southern Sudan, in its effort to…

Cut the Bait Campaign (1527)


To support a focused campaign to reduce global fisheries subsidies.

Quantifying the Role of Tropical Forests in the Global Carbon Balance and Future Climate Change (1656)

University of Leeds

In support of the Amazon Forest Inventory Network project to position forest ecosystem services on a firm scientific fou…

Support for a multi-frequency acoustic and net sampling system (1620)

University of California, San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography

This grant supports the University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institute of Oceanography to purchase and install a…

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Land Purchase (1289)

Friends of the Osa

This grant to Friends of the Osa will be used to fund the acquisition of high biodiveristy-significant land in the Corco…

Securing Protected Areas in Colombia (1126)

Patrimonio Natural Fondo para la Biodiversidad y Areas Protegidas

This grant to Patrimonio Natural Fondo para la Biodiversidad y Areas Protegidas (FUNBAP) supports the creation of three …