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Integrated Data-set for the Tongass National Forest (489.01)

National Audubon Society, Alaska State Office

National Audubon Society's Alaska office received this grant in support of science-based public outreach, policy advocac…

Supporting Local Native Community Efforts to Protect Bristol Bay's Salmon Resources (1309)

Alaska Community Foundation

The Alaska Community Foundation is using this grant to support efforts by Bristol Bay's local native communities to stre…

Implementation of Wild Salmon Policy (1318)

Watershed Watch

The grant will build upon Sierra Club BC's previous success of developing the Wild Salmon Policy (WSP) in B.C. Watershe…

Salmon Rivers Observatory Network: Integrated watershed models. (344.01)

University of Montana, Flathead Lake Biological Station

The University of Montana's Flathead Lake Biological Station received this grant to expand and synthesize past research …

Protection of Bristol Bay In-Holdings (316.01)

Conservation Fund

To support the acquisition and permanent protection of private lands located in salmon-producing watersheds contained wi…

Capacity to Analyze Potential Impact of Mining Projects (1272)

Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education

The grant to Pembina will be used to develop new and credible data on the long-term impacts of mining on salmon ecosyste…

Bristol Bay Conservation - - Media Campaign (1307)

Trout Unlimited

This grant will enable Trout Unlimited to invest in a statewide media campaign to build support for the permanent protec…

Kamchatka Salmon Refuge Creation and Consolidation (307.02)

Wild Salmon Center

This grant will enable the Wild Salmon Center (WSC) to build upon their previous success in advancing wild salmon conser…

Bristol Bay Conservation -- Campaign Coordination (1308)

Renewable Resources Coalition

Through this grant Renewable Resources Coalition (RRC) will coordinate the efforts of ENGOs and other key players workin…