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Grants List


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Institutional Support for Sustainable Fisheries in the U.S. (2515)

Marine Fish Conservation Network

In support of efforts to improve the efficiency of federal investments in fisheries and reduce uncertainty in management…

Integrating First Nations' Marine Spatial Plans (1406.01)

Coastal First Nations - Great Bear Initiative

For enhancing and integrating community-level marine spatial plans.

Building community support for Pacific Catch Share (2234)

The Nature Conservancy

In support of the design and implementation of transferable tools, including collective fishing arrangements and electro…

Building a New England MSP Constituency (2230.01)

Conservation Law Foundation

To facilitate the dissemination of the best available data and knowledge to inform active contributors to Marine Spatial…

Supporting New England Regional Marine Spatial Planning (2519)

The Nature Conservancy

To support positioning the New England region as a federal Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) pilot, and the development of a…

California Marine Spatial Planning Phase 3 (1188.02)

Resources Legacy Fund

This grant to Resources Legacy Fund is in support of securing a marine spatial planning (MSP) framework for California s…

National Fisheries Innovation Fund (2409)

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

In support of the transition of U.S. fisheries to catch share programs by encouraging fishermen to pursue innovative man…

Ensuring New England’s Successful Transition to Sustainable Fisheries (1491.01)

Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance (formerly the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association)

To provide expertise and support to ensure appropriate and durable implementation of sectors for groundfish, expansion o…

Convening Legal Expertise on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) (2468)

Meridian Institute

In support of convening and facilitation of a discussion in the first six months of 2010 on legal barriers to implementi…