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Synthesis of climate effects on salmon (1454)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

In support of work by the University of California Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis t…

Strategic Acquisition of Guide Outfitter Operating in Taku Watershed (1516)

Tides Canada Foundation

Tides Canada will use this grant to make a strategic acquisition of a guide outfitter business operating in the Taku Wat…

Kamchatka – Local Salmon Conservation Efforts (314.02)

Pacific Environment

To enhance the capacity of local ENGOs working in Kamchatka, and advance their efforts to protect wild salmon and salmon…

Research Plan and Synthesis (1455)

North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

This project is designed to advance the scientific understanding of Pacific Salmon ocean ecology by drawing on the consi…

Skeena Harvest Reform (1460)

Tides Canada Foundation

To facilitate a move towards more sustainable salmon harvest practices in the Skeena River, British Columbia by drawing …

Great Bear Deal Implementation/ Coast Opportunities Funds Start-up (1493)

Tides Canada Foundation

The Tides Canada Foundation will use this grant to complete and implement a conservation financing deal for the protecti…

Establishing the Salmon Biodiversity Program (1453)

University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

The University of Washington will use this grant to establish an international program for the study of Pacific salmon b…

Kamchatka Biostation Research Program – 2007 Field Season (307.03)

Wild Salmon Center

The Wild Salmon Center will use this grant to conduct the 2007 field season at the Kamchatka bio-stations. The research…

Integrated Watershed Models in Kamchatka (1470)

University of Montana, Flathead Lake Biological Station

The University of Montana's Flathead Lake Biological Station will use this grant to augment ongoing work to develop inte…