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Creating New Protected Areas and building local capacity in Peru and Bolivia (1943)

Field Museum

To secure critical conservation landscapes while engaging local residents in stewardship, and to bolster local expertise…

Alto Purús Protection Initiative (2051)

Round River Conservation Studies

This grant to Round River is aimed at improving the management effectiveness of the Alto Purús National Park, the Purús…

Corridor-based Mitigation of the Inter-Oceanic Highway, Peru (1900)

Amazon Conservation Association

In support of the design and consolidation of a 210,000-hectare conservation corridor to mitigate the environmental impa…

Landscape mosaic of protected areas, indigenous reserves and sustainable use areas in the Sierra del Divisor region, Peru (1640)

Fundación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza

To work in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Instituto del Bien Común, for the creation and effective mana…

Ecological Income Tax Exemption Working Group (1966)

World Wildlife Fund

To build an exemption into the Brazilian income tax system for contributions by individuals and corporations to qualifyi…

Interactions Between Climate, Forests, and Land Use in the Amazon Basin: Modeling for Mitigating Large-Scale Savannization (1971)

Harvard University, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

For a comprehensive evaluation and further development of the predictive capabilities of four state-of-the-art terrestri…

Fire, land use, and the savannization of seasonally-dry Amazon forests (1963)

Woods Hole Research Center

For the collection of fundamental data on forest dieback, carrying out new experimental field studies of forest response…

Enabling satellite-based forest monitoring in the Andes Amazon region (1968)

Carnegie Institution of Washington

To increase the technical capacity to implement transparent, standardized monthly and annual satellite-based monitoring …

Building Informed Civic Engagement for Conservation in the Andes-Amazon: Phase II (634.01)

Bank Information Center

For the dissemination of information about economic integration projects and policies being proposed by the Initiative f…