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Grants List


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Enabling satellite-based forest monitoring in the Andes Amazon region (1968)

Carnegie Institution of Washington

To increase the technical capacity to implement transparent, standardized monthly and annual satellite-based monitoring …

Building Informed Civic Engagement for Conservation in the Andes-Amazon: Phase II (634.01)

Bank Information Center

For the dissemination of information about economic integration projects and policies being proposed by the Initiative f…

Capacity Building for Biodiversity Conservation in Brazilian Amazonia (532.02)

Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil

This grant provides supplemental funding to complete the activities of current Grant #532 to the Instituto Internacional…

Environmental Law Enforcement in the Brazilian Amazon (1762)

Fundação de Apoio e Desenvolvimento da Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso

For the Law School at the Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil to develop a Distance Specialization Course in Agro-…

A Regional Co-Management System for Conserving Biodiversity and Sustainably Managing the Lower Amazon Floodplain Regional Ecosystem (1525)

Woods Hole Research Center

For the design and implementation of the ecological, economic, policy, and institutional frameworks for the sustainable …

Protected area creation and effective management in South Suriname/Northern Brazil (633.01)

Amazon Conservation Team

To support the Surinamese Government to implement land rights and demarcate indigenous lands, enabling conditions for Pr…

Building a Large-Scale Biodiversity Conservation Network in the State of Amazonas (646.01)

Fundação Amazônica da Defesa da Biosfera

For a partnership with the State of Amazonas Environment and Sustainable Development Agency, to increase and improve the…

Education for Nature: Building Capacity for Protected Area Management in the Andes-Amazon Region (1764)

World Wildlife Fund

For the Education for Nature (EFN) program to establish permanent training capacity for park guards in four Andean count…

Rio Negro Basin Conservation Geopolitics II (1728)

Fundacao Vitoria Amazonica

For the effective management of a series of protected areas in the lower and middle Rio Negro Basin totaling approximate…