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Skeena Watershed Participant Process (1458.01)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

For operation of the Skeena Watershed Congress and its harvest and habitat subcommittees in order to enable full impleme…

British Columbia Mining Reform (1924)

Pew Charitable Trusts

To reform the conventional approach to mining exploration and development to reduce the impacts on British Columbia's wi…

Skeena Watershed Monitoring Baseline Research (1459)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

This grant supports the full implementation in the Skeena watershed of the harvest reform and habitat protection provisi…

Skeena Integrated Management Reform (1460.01)

Tides Canada Foundation

The purpose of this grant to Tides Canada Foundation (Tides Canada) is to facilitate the move towards more sustainable s…

Pebble Mine Education and Outreach (1456)

Renewable Resources Coalition

The Renewable Resources Coalition will use this grant to increase public support within Alaska for protecting the Bristo…

Closed Containment Aquaculture – PRI (1271.02)

Middle Bay Sustainable Aquaculture Institute

To provide bridge financing for constructing a closed containment aquaculture trial.

Skeena Headwaters Habitat Protection (1461)

Driftwood Foundation

To support upper Skeena community leaders to educate, engage and focus regional residents regarding the need for improve…

Management Agency Database Pilots (989.02)


To work in partnership with salmon management agencies to develop and improve data storage and access systems. Outputs …

Biocomplexity Science and Fisheries Modeling (670.01)

University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

To improve the scientific understanding of resilience and productivity in salmon ecosystems, and to apply this informati…