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Grants List


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Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum (2888)

Stanford University, Woods Institute for the Environment

To support the Fisheries Leadership and Sustainability Forum’s work with Regional Fishery Management Council members and…

Collaborative Scientific Analysis in British Columbia (1599.01)

Tides Canada Initiatives

To enables the Tides Canada Initiatives to administer the British Columbia Marine Conservation Analysis (BCMCA) Project.…

Climate Change Adaptation in Marine Spatial Planning (2892)


In support of incorporating climate change adaptation into active, place-based Marine Spatial Planning processes.

Permit Banking in New England (2222.01)

The Nature Conservancy

To expand the scope and effectiveness of existing permit banks in New England to help mitigate unintended socioeconomic …

Monitoring and evaluation of Marine Spatial Planning (2986)

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

To develop principles for monitoring and evaluating Marine Spatial Planning and synthesize those principles into a guide…

Expanding, improving, and applying marine InVEST (1874.01)

Stanford University, Woods Institute for the Environment

To support the completion and application of a suite of ecosystem service models to inform Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)…

Technical Analyses for Marine Spatial Planning (2266)

David Suzuki Foundation

To develop technical analyses in support of Marine Spatial Planning and the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Ar…

Durable Catch Share Programs in the United States (2261)

Environmental Defense Fund

To support the dissemination and adoption of well-designed catch share policies and programs in the United States to res…

Durable and Efficient Pacific Trawl Catch Share (1299.02)

Environmental Defense Fund

In support of creating a durable and efficient Pacific groundfish trawl catch share program. Funding will be used to re…