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Grants List


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Skeena Commercial Fishery Transition (1798)

Ecotrust Canada

To facilitate discussion amongst British Columbia North Coast fishing communities and organizations about building diver…

Skeena Watershed Monitoring Baseline Research 2 (1459.01)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

This grant supports the full implementation in the Skeena watershed of the harvest reform provisions in Canada’s new Wil…

Sustainability Plan (2103)

Tides Canada Foundation

This grant will support Tides Canada Foundation in redesigning and rebuilding its service delivery model to ensure robus…

Skeena Water Quality Protection (1463)

Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research Society

In support of strategic coordination and information support to the Friends of Wild Salmon coalition which is seeking im…

British Columbia Wild Salmon Conservation – Small Grants Fund (313.03)

Tides Canada Foundation

This grant to Tides Canada Foundation will provide an agile mechanism for timely small scale investments in grassroots a…

Kamchatka Salmon Fisheries Reform (568.01)

World Wildlife Fund

To promote sustainable fisheries practices in Kamchatka.

Skeena Energy Development (1272.01)

Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education

The purpose of this grant is to provide technical assistance to the coalition of wild salmon interests in the Skeena wat…

Skeena Watershed Participant Process (1458.01)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

For operation of the Skeena Watershed Congress and its harvest and habitat subcommittees in order to enable full impleme…

British Columbia Mining Reform (1924)

Pew Charitable Trusts

To reform the conventional approach to mining exploration and development to reduce the impacts on British Columbia's wi…