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Grants List


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Wildlife spatial criteria for Amazonian protected landscape design (1709.01)

World Wildlife Fund

To finalize data collection and publish manuscripts on the spatial and habitat needs of keystone vertebrate species in t…

Resource management for forest conservation in Protected Areas and Indigenous Lands in Peruvian Amazonia (434.02)

Instituto del Bien Comun

To secure gains achieved through grants for the Ampiyacu-Algodón Conservation Program in the Department of Loreto and th…

Amazon Conservation Landscapes (331.03)

Wildlife Conservation Society

For effective participatory protected area management in five conservation landscapes in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezue…

Fire, Land Use, and the Savannization of Seasonally Dry Amazon Forests (1963.01)

Woods Hole Research Center

For the collection of fundamental data on forest dieback, carrying out new experimental field studies of forest response…

Designing ecosystem service products and incentives for private landowners in Brazil (2369)

New Forests Advisory

In support of the design and implementation of market-based conservation incentives for private landowners in the Amazon…

Open Data Kit for Large-Scale Ethno-Environmental Surveying and Monitoring of Amazonian Landscapes (2549)

Equipe de Conservação da Amazônia

To support participatory zoning and carbon stock assessments on 5.3 million hectares of indigenous lands in Brazil in pa…

Scaling up Conservation Finance (2304)

Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade

In support of a highly leveraged initiative of the Latin American and Caribbean network of conservation trust funds in t…

Strengthening Conservation and Regional Protected Areas System in Loreto, Peru (627.02)

Nature and Culture International

In support of strengthening the regional (state) government of Loreto's Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Man…

Frontier Conservation Planning (1 year extension) (1390.01)

Conservation Strategy Fund

For activities to develop a rational approach to conservation and socioeconomic development in strategic geographies of …