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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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Lab of Forest Rohwer, PhD (618)

San Diego State University Research Foundation

This grant to San Diego State University supports research in the laboratory of Dr. Rohwer into the genomics and evoluti…

Lab of Stephen J. Giovannoni, PhD (607)

Oregon State University, Department of Microbiology

This grant to the Oregon State University supports research conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Giovannoni—a recognized e…

Molecular All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (620)

Yellowstone Park Foundation

Yellowstone Park Foundation is using this grant to study the subalpine habitats of Yellowstone Lake. Researchers are sam…

Lab of E. Virginia Armbrust, PhD (537)

University of Washington, School of Oceanography

This grant to the University of Washington supports the research of Dr. Armbrust into the genomics and physiology of dia…

Microbial Genome Sequencing Project (521)

J. Craig Venter Institute

To support the J. Craig Venter Institute to sequence and perform initial characterizations of the genomes of over 175 ec…

Lab of Mary Ann Moran, PhD (538)

University of Georgia Foundation

This grant to the University of Georgia Foundation supports the research of Dr. Moran, a leading expert on oceanic sulfu…

Lab of Alexandra Z. Worden, PhD (582)

University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science

This grant to the University of Miami supports research in the laboratory of Dr. Worden into marine microbial population…

Lab of Nicole King, PhD (581)

University of California, Berkeley Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

This grant to UC Berkeley supports the research of Dr. King into the evolution of multi-cellular animals from their unic…

Lab of Jonathan Zehr, PhD (493)

University of California, Santa Cruz Department of Ocean Sciences, School of Earth & Marine Science

This grant to UC Santa Cruz supports the work of Dr. Zehr in the development of remote-sensing probes and sampling proce…