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Forever Costa Rica Association, Start-up (1698.02)

The Nature Conservancy

To launch the Forever Costa Rica Association, build financial operating systems and provide conservation technical assis…

Natural Capital Project Strategic Planning (2844)

Stanford University, Woods Institute for the Environment

In support of the Natural Capital Project’s Strategic Planning process aimed at determining the best path forward to max…

Support for the Governor's Climate and Forest Task Force: Creating the conditions for Implementing State Level REDD+ Programs (2156.02)

University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Law

In support of the Governor's Climate & Forest Task Force (GCF) to produce a common sub-national Reducing Emissions f…

Ecosystem Services: From Theory to Policy to Action (2775)

Coastal Quest

To improve understanding of the ecosystem services (ES) concept and its application to conservation practice, policy, an…

Conservation Return on Investment Analysis: Practices, Practicality, and Potential (2777)

Resources for the Future

To help catalyze and promote a community of practice around consistent and rigorous evaluation by exploring the practica…

Living on Earth Series: Climate Alert (2031.01)

World Media Foundation

To increase climate literacy and awareness in the United States and abroad via news stories focused on Reducing Emission…

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) (2767)

Center for Resource Economics, Island Press

To support the development of the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange, a web-based knowledge environment designed to b…

Linking West Coast ocean acidification research and shellfish industry adaptation needs (2748)

University of California, San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography

In support of enhancing communication and collaboration between managers, shellfish industry representatives, and scient…

Building an Ecosystem Services Laboratory in the Tropical Andes (2785)

Wake Forest University, Department of Biology

In support of the Andes Biodiversity and Ecosystems Research Group scientific consortium, toward building the first fiel…