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Grants List


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Communications and Outreach Planning (3309)

Tides Canada Foundation

To provide support for communications and outreach planning.

Creating a Network of CMSP Professionals (2864)

Marine Affairs Research and Education

To develop a virtual network of Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning practitioners by supporting information exchanges, w…

Measuring catch share performance in New England and the US West Coast (2876)

MRAG Americas, Inc.

To evaluate the performance of New England and Pacific groundfish catch share management systems during their first five…

Oceans Caucus Foundation (3076)

International Conservation Caucus Foundation

To support the Oceans Caucus Foundation to help create a bi-partisan Oceans Caucus and associated educational activities…

Strengthened Collaboration Around Issues of Climate, Oceans, and National Security. (3195)

University of Massachusetts Boston, John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies

In support of efforts to strengthen the relationships between key actors from the academic, defense, NGO, and private se…

World Oceans Summit (3196)

National Geographic Society

To support NGO speakers attend the World Oceans Summit being hosted by The Economist in Capella, Singapore, February 23 …

Advanced Marine Spatial Planning training for U.S. Coastal Managers (2863)

Battelle Memorial Institute

To support the development of an advanced Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) curriculum and train coastal manage…

The World's Unassessed Fisheries: Status, Trends, and Food Security Implications (3184)

University of California, Santa Barbara, Marine Science Institute

In support of an assessment of the current status of the world’s unassessed fisheries and analysis of potential increase…

Strengthening the science of U.S. fisheries law (2889)

Natural Resources Defense Council

In support of the evaluation and application of methodologies for managing data-poor fisheries in the United States.