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Grants List


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Kamchatka - Local Salmon Conservation Efforts (314.03)

Pacific Environment

In support of grassroots efforts to protect wild salmon and salmon habitat in Kamchatka, Russia.

Salmon Aquaculture Innovation Fund (1797.01)

Tides Canada Foundation

In support of the Salmon Aquaculture Innovation Fund. Funding will be used in conjunction with public and private sourc…

Closed Containment Salmon Aquaculture Research (2104)

Conservation Fund

To undertake a 24-month research project growing Atlantic salmon to food size in an existing freshwater closed containme…

Copper River Watershed Conservation (30.03)


To ensure the sustainability of renewable natural resources in the Copper River watershed of Alaska. Funding will be us…

Integrating First Nations' Marine Spatial Plans (1406.02)

Coastal First Nations - Great Bear Initiative

In support of enhancing and integrating community-level marine spatial plans to achieve a good Pacific North Coast Integ…

Salmon Market Standards (2107)

David Suzuki Foundation

To increase the incentives for industry leaders and governments to improve salmon aquaculture and fisheries management p…

Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform in BC (312.04)

Living Oceans Society

In support of efforts of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform to achieve formal commitments to mitigate negative …

British Columbia Wild Salmon Conservation – Small Grants Fund (313.04)

Tides Canada Foundation

In support an agile mechanism for timely small scale investments in grassroots activities aimed at protecting wild salmo…

Skeena Watershed Monitoring Baseline Research 2 (1459.02)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

For enhancement of the scientific baseline information available to Skeena watershed stakeholders in developing recommen…