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Grants List


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Sustaining and Expanding a Network of Ocean Planning Professionals (2864.02)

Marine Affairs Research and Education

To sustain and expand a community of practice for ocean planning professionals.

Marine Resource Education Program for Fishermen in the U.S. West Coast Region (4159)

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

To build industry capacity and leadership, increase participation in key management processes, and to enable ecosystem-b…

Policy Fellow to Support Development of California Earthquake Early Warning System (4916)

University of California, Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science

In support of planning and implementation of a California earthquake early warning system through funding a policy fello…

Prototypes for supporting science learning in informal family settings (3343.01)

Stanford University, School of Education

In support of the development of prototypes for activities that can foster parents’ abilities to explore and engage with…

Land Management for Conservation and Livelihood of Indigenous People in Brazil’s Calha Norte Mosaic (3275.01)

Iepé - Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Indigena

To complete territorial and environmental management plans, and begin their implementation for the Parque de Tumucumaque…

Office of Science and Technology Policy Fellow (4483.01)

Partnership for Public Service

In support of a White House Office of Science and Technology Policy fellow who will focus on building relationships amon…

Science of Science Communication Consensus Study (4857)

National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council

In support of a consensus study to synthesize knowledge relevant to communicating science for broad understanding and de…

Designing Assessments of Learner Engagement in Practices of Science (4250)

University of California, Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science

In support of the development of new measures of children’s meaningful engagement in scientific reasoning and problem so…

Inverse Design for Nanophotonics (4743)

Stanford University, Office of Sponsored Research

To support the development of a novel automated design process for nanophotonics that will fundamentally change the way …