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Amazon Conservation Association

Los Amigos Conservation Concession

This grant supports the Amazon Conservation Association’s efforts to create the world's first conservation concession and a research center in the Los Amigos watershed of southeastern Perú. Outcomes include implementation of the 1.6 million-hectare conservation concession, protecting of 340,000 acres of old-growth Amazonian forest; creation of a world-class center for tropical ecosystems and resource management; construction of a wilderness ecological research station; creation of an integrated Amazon conservation science program; training of Amazonian conservationists and biologists; publication of materials for training, education, science, and decision-making; and development of a model 25,000-acre Brazil nut concession based on modern management techniques.

Title: Los Amigos Conservation Concession
Date Awarded: Oct 2001
Amount: $3,800,000
Term: 60 months
Grant ID: GBMF94
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Andes-Amazon Initiative
Organization Name: Amazon Conservation Association