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Centro Internacional de la Papa

Andean Forests Conservation Management

This grant to Centro Internacional de la Papa provides funding for initial implementation of management in five areas in the Andes: Tabaconas-Namballe National Sanctuary and Podocarpus National Park in Peru, Culambo-Yacquri Forest Reserve and El Angel Ecological Reserve in Ecuador, and Chiles Indigenous Community in Colombia. Centro Internacional de la Papa aims to immediately bring these protected areas under minimum management and increase protection to biodiversity by investing in infrastructure, equipment, and personnel. Outcomes include implementation of a conservation management plan for these protected areas to consolidate 174,141 hectares.

Title: Andean Forests Conservation Management
Date Awarded: Nov 2005
Amount: $899,000
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF626
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Andes-Amazon Initiative
Organization Name: Centro Internacional de la Papa