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Grants List


 Courtesy of Armbrust Lab - assembled metagenomic DNA sequence from a marine microbial community

Oregon State University, Department of Microbiology

Lab of Stephen J. Giovannoni, Ph.D.

In support of research in the laboratory of Senior Investigator Dr. Stephen J. Giovannoni on the dynamics of a key group of marine planktonic microorganisms that require external sources of carbon for food and energy. This abundant, ecologically important group of bacteria will be studied with respect to its composition, gene and protein expression patterns, genome content, and nutritional requirements. The outcomes of this grant include a deeper understanding of how populations of these bacteria change in space and time in natural marine systems, how they have evolved to cope with low nutrient levels, and how this ubiquitous and numerically predominant group impacts marine biogeochemical cycles.

Title: Lab of Stephen J. Giovannoni, Ph.D.
Date Awarded: Sep 2008
Amount: $3,425,229
Term: 49 months
Grant ID: GBMF607.01
Funding Area: Science, Marine Microbiology Initiative

Publications as of August 2015:

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Other grants to Oregon State University, Department of Microbiology (1)

Lab of Stephen J. Giovannoni, PhD $2,613,332 Nov 2004
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