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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

Grants List


Courtesy of the University of California Berkeley Department of Physics and James Analytis

University of California, Berkeley Department of Physics

James Analytis, Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis

In support of the materials synthesis and characterization laboratory of Dr. James Analytis, which will target the discovery, development and advanced characterization of quantum materials.

Title: James Analytis, Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis
Date Awarded: Jun 2014
Amount: $1,500,000
Term: 60 months
Grant ID: GBMF4374
Funding Area: Science, Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems

James Analytis
Assistant Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Analytis runs the Quantum Materials Laboratory at the University of California in Berkeley. His team’s focus is to create materials with properties that are at the boundary of our knowledge of condensed matter physics. He has made important contributions in our understanding of two classes of materials - topological insulators and iron-based superconductors. Both classes suffer from disorder in their crystal structure, which complicates the measurement of their intrinsic properties. Dr. Analytis removed this difficulty by systematically improving the materials’ properties through advances in crystal quality, which drove new discoveries in the field. Recently, his team has made contributions to the rapidly emerging area of quantum magnets by discovering a new class of these materials based on iridium.

Dr. Analytis received the Haydon Prize in Physics and a Rhodes Scholarship. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oxford (UK). He was recently awarded a Sloan Fellowship and holds the Kittel Chair in condensed matter physics at UC Berkeley.