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Institute of Food Technologists

Enhancing Seafood Value Chain Traceability

To develop a tool to conduct cost/ benefit analysis of establishing various levels of traceability in seafood supply chains and the return on investment of traceability to individual companies.

Title: Enhancing Seafood Value Chain Traceability
Date Awarded: Jan 2014
Amount: $530,267
Term: 12 months
Grant ID: GBMF4144
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative
Organization Name: Institute of Food Technologists

Consumers, retailers and food service companies are paying more attention to the sourcing of seafood and how it is processed. Traceability - a tool to track seafood through the supply chain from source to consumer - can drive new market opportunities, lower costs, and increase margins, as well as provide a way to verify the source of products. 

  • GFTC's 2015 report, Assessing the Value and Role of Seafood Traceability from an Entire Value-Chain Perspective, investigated traceability practices and systems in nine global seafood value chains to provide new insights about the impact of traceability on improving seafood industry business performance, including reducing waste and enhancing consumer trust. Click here to read the executive summary. 

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