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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

Grants List


Courtesy of Lance Hayashida, Prof. Sossina Haile, Div. of Engineering & Applied Science, in lab with student Nina Krautwurst

California Institute of Technology

Beamline Observatory

To establish an observatory for structural molecular biology. The new observatory, called a beam line, will make use of the extremely bright X-rays produced by a newly installed advanced electron accelerator at Stanford's Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory. Outcomes for this grant include creation of a macromolecular crystallography facility for studying complicated biological systems.

Title: Beamline Observatory
Date Awarded: Nov 2003
Amount: $14,206,289
Term: 108 months
Grant ID: GBMF403
Funding Area: Science, California Institute of Technology

Other grants to California Institute of Technology (39)

Solar Decathlon $100,000 Aug 2013
Chemistry of Cellular Signaling $6,000,000 Nov 2011
Genes, Circuits, and Behavior $5,000,000 Oct 2010
Community Seismic Network $1,500,000 Oct 2010
Tectonics Observatory $13,000,000 Sep 2008
Energy from Sunlight $6,000,000 Oct 2006
Detectors for Cosmology $12,020,300 Jun 2006
Neurobiological Reward $5,998,512 Jun 2006
Proteome Exploration Laboratory $7,979,578 Nov 2005
Student Diversity Programs $5,000,000 Apr 2005
Tectonics Observatory $13,254,000 Jul 2004
Nanoscale Systems Initiative $25,426,741 May 2004
Program Cost Support $30,822,486 Feb 2004
Thirty-Meter Telescope Project $17,500,000 Sep 2003
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