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Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Wild Salmon Project for the North and Central Coasts of BC

This grant supports key components of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation's integrated approach to protecting salmon along British Columbia's central coast. Raincoast aims to safeguard salmon in the traditional Heiltsuk Territory by filling some of the key information gaps. Outcomes for this grant include assessment of streams in Heiltsuk Territory, identification of historic salmon abundance and targets for reduced fishing pressure, map of wild salmon migration along the central and north coasts of British Columbia, and measurement of the wild salmon sea lice infestation rate.

Title: Wild Salmon Project for the North and Central Coasts of BC
Date Awarded: Aug 2003
Amount: $550,000
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF396
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative

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