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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

Grants List


Courtesy of Joe Checkelsky - example of emergent properties of electronic materials in the form of electronic topology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Physics

Joseph Checkelsky, Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis

In support of the material synthesis laboratory of Dr. Joe Checkelsky which will target the synthesis, discovery, development, and control of emergent electronic materials in both single-crystal and thin-film forms.

Title: Joseph Checkelsky, Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis
Date Awarded: Aug 2013
Amount: $1,500,000
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF3848
Funding Area: Science, Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems

Joseph Checkelsky

Assistant Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Checkelsky directs a group in the Department of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His team focuses on the study of exotic electronic states of matter through the synthesis, measurement, and control of solid state materials. Of particular interest to his group are studies of correlated behavior in topologically non-trivial materials, the role of geometrical phases in electronic systems, and novel types of geometric frustration. His work on tunable topological insulators was highly influential to the scientific community; a direct consequence of this was establishing the understanding of magnetism in topological systems and a new emergent phase - the “quantum anomalous Hall state.” Dr. Checkelsky earned his Ph.D. from Princeton University during while being awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and also served on the faculty at the University of Tokyo.