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Grants List


Courtesy of Rachel Strader

The Nature Conservancy

Fisheries Management Hub ("Fish Hub")

To improve catch share fishery management and to accelerate the advancement of community fishing associations and other collective fishery management institutions on the East and West Coasts of the U.S. through business models, tool kits, applications, and the sharing of lessons learned.

Title: Fisheries Management Hub ("Fish Hub")
Date Awarded: Jun 2012
Amount: $318,150
Term: 8 months
Grant ID: GBMF3108
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Marine Conservation Initiative
Organization Name: The Nature Conservancy

Other grants to The Nature Conservancy (30)

Forever Costa Rica Support $71,502 Sep 2011
Permit Banking in New England $317,607 Jun 2011
Forever Costa Rica $5,500,000 Sep 2009
Permit Banking in New England $249,705 Sep 2009
The Great Bear Rainforest $268,714 Sep 2004
Palmyra Atoll Project $2,350,000 Feb 2004
Sierra del Divisor National Park $2,499,084 Nov 2003
Palmyra Acquisition PRI $10,000,000 Apr 2002
Palmyra Project $35,000 Jun 2001
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