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Courtesy of J. Armstrong/University of Washington

Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship through Law and Education

Haida Gwaii Title Case

EAGLE (Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship through Law and Education) is using this grant to develop the Haida Title Case, in which British Columbia's Haida Nation is seeking a court declaration of aboriginal title. If successful, this case will establish the aboriginal right to have management authority over half of land base within the archipelago known as Haida Gwaii (also Queen Charlotte Islands). Outcomes for this grant include research and substantiation of the Haida cultural and economic claim and the pursuit of a court declaration awarding Haida aboriginal title to Haida Gwaii and its surrounding waters.

Title: Haida Gwaii Title Case
Date Awarded: Jun 2003
Amount: $208,085
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF294
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative