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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

Grants List


Courtesy of Rob Buelteman/POST, Bolsa Beach

Science & Collaboration for Connected Wildlands

Bay Area Critical Linkages

In support of the Bay Area Critical Linkages Project, delineating links between core conservation areas essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems. Together with broader efforts to establish core areas, this will ultimately form a network of conserved intact ecosystems. The comprehensive linkages strategy will include focal species-based linkage designs, implementation strategies, and a monitoring framework, and will also provide implementation tools and a strategic communications plan to institutionalize support for a network of conserved lands.

Title: Bay Area Critical Linkages
Date Awarded: Nov 2009
Amount: $545,583
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF2221
Funding Area: San Francisco Bay Area, Conservation