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Grants List


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Resources Legacy Fund

California Area-Based Management Phase 2

This grant to Resources Legacy Fund (RLF) builds off the recently published law review article that contains an analysis of existing gaps in California’s legal and regulatory marine management system and promotes adoption of Area-Based Management (ABM) to protect California’s marine ecosystems (#1188). With this subsequent grant, RLF will partner with the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University to conduct a deeper evaluation of the scientific and institutional framework necessary for ABM in California state waters and communicate the benefits and opportunities for better stewardship through ABM to key opinion leaders in California.

Title: California Area-Based Management Phase 2
Date Awarded: Aug 2008
Amount: $953,224
Term: 18 months
Grant ID: GBMF1188.01
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Marine Conservation Initiative
Organization Name: Resources Legacy Fund